Album picture of Psychedelic Pop Gems: The Rarest '60s Nuggets

Psychedelic Pop Gems: The Rarest '60s Nuggets

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Let's Get Together Tiffany System 02:49
Carpet Man Dick Roberts And The Troubled Minds 02:42
Free Fuzz The 31 Flavors 02:14
Annabelle Lee The Happy Medium 02:28
Parade of Uncertainty The Ragamuffins 04:02
Mary Jane Is to Love Sweet Smoke 02:11
Ride the Wind Away Nonesuch 03:03
What a Scene Kevin McCann 02:13
Mr. John Nineteen Eighty Seven 02:24
Merry-Go-Round The Groove 02:27
Bad Reputation The Executives 02:02
Catch the Love Parade The Staccatos 02:32
Portobello Road Ellie Janov 02:47
Fair One The Happy Medium 02:36
I Want to Fly Magic 02:37
Can't You See Motivation 02:26

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