Album picture of Growth


Jovan Landry


Album Tracks

Changes (feat. D2g)


Jovan Landry, D2G 05:05
Don't Bother Me (feat. Unmuvabo)


Jovan Landry, Unmuvabo 04:16
D.O.O.M. (feat. Fury) Jovan Landry, Fury 03:51
Premium Rush Jovan Landry 03:29
Make It Hot Jovan Landry 04:00
Fallin' in Love (feat. The Land, Mykele Deville & Jaleel Amir) Jovan Landry, Jaleel Amir, The Land, Mykele Deville 03:38
It's Complicated (feat. Belladonna Devereux)


Jovan Landry, Belladonna Devereux 04:19
We Will Be Free (feat. Ell Virtuoso) Jovan Landry, Ell Virtuoso 04:19
Thank You (feat. Ell Virtuoso) Jovan Landry, Ell Virtuoso 05:09
All That Jazz (Bonus) Jovan Landry 04:23

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