Album picture of Fate of a Dreamer (Expanded Edition)

Fate of a Dreamer (Expanded Edition)



Album Tracks

Estranged Ambeon 02:50
Ashes Ambeon 05:28
High Ambeon 04:14
Cold Metal Ambeon 06:49
Fate Ambeon 07:44
Sick Ceremony Ambeon 03:43
Lost Message Ambeon 04:32
Surreal Ambeon 04:38
Sweet Little Brother Ambeon 06:08
Dreamer Ambeon 05:16
Cold Metal (Single Version) Ambeon 03:47
Merry-Go-Round Ambeon 04:44
High (Remix) Ambeon 03:28
Actual Fantasy (Unplugged) Ambeon 01:24
Valley of the Queens (Unplugged) Ambeon 02:38
Ashes (Unplugged) Ambeon 03:14
Charm of the Seer (Unplugged) Ambeon 03:28
Castle Hall (Unplugged) Ambeon 04:32
Estranged (Unplugged) Ambeon 02:48
Temple of the Cat (Unplugged) Ambeon 03:31

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