Album picture of Salad Days (Original 1976 London Cast)

Salad Days (Original 1976 London Cast)

Christina Matthews, Adam Bareham, Sheila Staefel


Album Tracks

Opening Orchestra of Salad Days 01:08
The Things That Are Done by a Don Company of Salad Days 04:23
We Said We Wouldn't Look Back Christina Matthews, Adam Bareham 03:44
I Sit in the Sun Christina Matthews 04:18
Oh, Look at Me! Christina Matthews, Adam Bareham 02:15
Sand in My Eyes Sheila Steafel 02:44
It's Easy to Sing Christina Matthews, Adam Bareham, Osmund Bullock 03:04
We're Looking for a Piano Company of Salad Days 02:13
The Time of My Life Christina Matthews, Barry Martin 04:35
The Saucer Song Christina Matthews, Adma Bareham, Malcolm Rennie 01:28

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