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For Great Justice



Album Tracks

Thunder Thrash (From "Thunder Force IV") Megadriver 06:03
Metal Squad (From "Thunder Force IV") Megadriver 03:34
Rising Blue Lightning (From "Thunder Force V") Megadriver 03:26
Stand up Against Myself (From "Thunder Force IV") Megadriver 02:36
All Your Base Are Belong to Us (From "Zero Wing") Megadriver 03:37
Blood-Stained Lake (From "Elemental Master") Megadriver 02:39
Power of Anger (From "Salamander") Megadriver 02:45
A Long Time Ago (From "Gradius III") Megadriver 03:52
Gaiaresu (From "Gaiares") Megadriver 03:57
A Mission to Start (From "Gaiares") Megadriver 03:26
Main Theme (From "Vapor Trail") Megadriver 02:41
Stage 1 (From "R-Type") Megadriver 02:44
The Void of Space (From "Verytex") Megadriver 03:07
Thermosphere (From "Einhänder") Megadriver 03:39
Frontline Base (From "U.N. Squadron") Megadriver 02:03
Fly to the Leaden Sky (From "Battle Garegga") Megadriver 02:38
Fullmetal Fighter (From "M.U.S.H.A. Aleste") Megadriver 02:20
Main Theme (From "Airwolf") Megadriver 02:37
Stage Theme (From "Tiger Heli") Megadriver 03:23
The Final Strike (From "After Burner") Megadriver 05:29

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