Album picture of Fame & Oblivion: 2005-2012

Fame & Oblivion: 2005-2012



Album Tracks

Ascension Band - The Riff (2005) Fiffdimension 03:11
The Greenhough (Australia) Fiffdimension 01:55
Cylvi M - Morning in Gosford (Australia) Fiffdimension 03:20
Lake Rotoiti to Fox Glacier Fiffdimension 03:10
The Only Ones Who Know the Earth's Worth Fiffdimension 03:26
The Ballad of William Knife Fiffdimension 04:58
영통동버스 노래 Yeongtongdong Bus Song (South Korea) Fiffdimension 02:30
동래의 행정 장관의 사무실 Office of the Dongnae Magistrate (South Korea) Fiffdimension 03:34
หมู่บ้าน The Village (Thailand) Fiffdimension 02:29
ханаду ямаа Goats in Xanadu (Mongolia) Fiffdimension 03:32

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