Album picture of Le siffleur (Bande originale du film)

Le siffleur (Bande originale du film)



Album Tracks

Whistling Like a Mockingbird Sinclair 02:27
I Can't Stop Loving You Billylove Orchestra 01:59
Paca Jungle Sinclair 01:44
Whistling Like a Jazzbird Sinclair 01:48
One More Tuxedo Sinclair 02:28
Karim & Mazzini Theme Sinclair 04:39
Hit Kicked and Slapped Sinclair 01:40
Dreamer With No Hopes Left Sinclair 05:26
Scratches Theme Sinclair 01:40
Maurice Goes to Hollywood Sinclair 02:39
Swinging Red Line Sinclair 02:06
Freddy's Clubdancing Sinclair 02:58
The Wizzler Sinclair 05:18

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