Album picture of Initial Convergence

Initial Convergence

Vic Dillahay


Album Tracks

While Wondering Aloud: Other Occasions, Pt. 1 Vic Dillahay 03:24
While Avoiding Surety: Other Occasions, Pt. 2 Vic Dillahay 03:31
When Questioning Steps: Other Occasions, Pt. 3 Vic Dillahay 02:30
For Pondering Lyrically: Other Occasions, Pt. 4 Vic Dillahay 01:53
For Almost Dancing: Other Occasions, Pt. 5 Vic Dillahay 03:59
Van Tassell Vic Dillahay 05:40
Three Things Twice: Well-Clothed for the Wilderness, Pt. 1 Vic Dillahay 04:37
Every Last Thing: Well-Clothed for the Wilderness, Pt. 2 Vic Dillahay 08:34
Misunderstood Benches: Near Windows, Pt. 1 Vic Dillahay 06:51
Somewhere Sonny Sings: Near Windows, Pt. 2 Vic Dillahay 06:47
Branches and Curves: Near Windows, Pt. 3 Vic Dillahay 08:11
The Chaff Can Catch the Light Vic Dillahay 05:05

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