Album picture of Dirty Computer

Dirty Computer

Janelle Monáe


Album Tracks

Dirty Computer (feat. Brian Wilson) Janelle Monáe, Brian Wilson 01:59
Crazy, Classic, Life Janelle Monáe 04:46
Take a Byte Janelle Monáe 04:07
Jane's Dream Janelle Monáe 00:18
Screwed (feat. Zoë Kravitz) Janelle Monáe, Zoe Kravitz 05:02
Django Jane Janelle Monáe 03:10
Pynk (feat. Grimes) Janelle Monáe, Grimes 04:00
Make Me Feel Janelle Monáe 03:14
I Got the Juice (feat. Pharrell Williams) Janelle Monáe, Pharrell Williams 03:46
I Like That Janelle Monáe 03:20

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