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Concluse (Original Soundtrack)



Album Tracks

Darkness (feat. Dani Mari & Reverend TJ McGlinchey) Concluse, Dani Mari, Reverend TJ McGlinchey 01:27
Lost in 1983 (feat. AvapXia) Concluse, AvapXia 02:00
Chill in the Air (feat. Occams Laser) Concluse, Occams Laser 00:59
Spiral (feat. AvapXia) Concluse, AvapXia 03:27
Falling Deeper (feat. Elias Luukkanen) Concluse, Elias Luukkanen 01:39
Retro Darkness (feat. AvapXia) Concluse, AvapXia 01:47
Dying Atmosphere (feat. Occams Laser) Concluse, Occams Laser 01:21
Lost (feat. AvapXia) Concluse, AvapXia 05:30
Twisted Hospital (feat. Studio Grimm) Concluse, Studio Grimm 01:20
Spiral (Final Rotation) [feat. AvapXia] Concluse, AvapXia 01:19

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