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Mo' Better Rootz



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Album Tracks

Koronowane głowy Vavamuffin 03:12
Z samego dna Vavamuffin 03:34
Nowy dzień Vavamuffin 03:58
Drug Squad Collie Vavamuffin 03:36
Cel pal feat. Vienio Vavamuffin 04:17
African Dancehall (Studio live session) Vavamuffin 11:07
Bez piątala bal Vavamuffin 03:35
Barbakan Vavamuffin 04:19
Japa fizjonomia Vavamuffin 03:21
Addis fever Vavamuffin 04:00
Radio Vavamuffin Vavamuffin 02:54
Daj mi to Vavamuffin 04:23
Alladyn Vavamuffin 03:34
Yabby you (Tribute to Vivian Jackson aha Yabby you) Vavamuffin 05:47


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