Album picture of In Search of Truth (Remasters Edition)

In Search of Truth (Remasters Edition)



Album Tracks

The Masterplan (Remastered) Evergrey 04:46
Rulers of the Mind (Remastered) Evergrey 05:57
Watching the Skies (Remastered) Evergrey 06:16
State of Paralysis (Remastered) Evergrey 02:13
The Encounter (Remastered) Evergrey 04:38
Mark of the Triangle (Remastered) Evergrey 06:22
Dark Waters (Remastered) Evergrey 06:02
Different Worlds (Remastered) Evergrey 05:29
Misled (Remastered) Evergrey 06:00
Rulers of the Mind (Remastered, Live) Evergrey 05:15
Mark of the Triangle (Remastered, Live) Evergrey 06:44
Misled (Remastered, Live) Evergrey 07:20

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