Album picture of 50 Deep Chill Luxury (Deluxe Lounge Selection)

50 Deep Chill Luxury (Deluxe Lounge Selection)

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Cycling (Refine Mix) Shangly Joe 02:32
Can You Lose (Cut Version) Daft Beat 02:37
Strike Up (Shoot Release) Keyright 02:42
Old Disco Club Chill Insider 02:41
Scandal Paper (Restore Master) Alphaled 02:43
Between Line (Room Mix) Blue Side 02:25
Synth Surprise (Recondition Version) Lite Door 01:42
Shade On (Soul Edition) Playgate 02:27
Quota System (Get Back Mater) Strike Donnovan 02:27
Shutter (Careful Release) Jazzmake 03:03
Sunday Star (Radio Cut) Chill Vanilla 02:45
Modern Fusion (I Wish Mix) Romy Makrazzi 02:14
Shangai LoFi (Make Love Version) Trimbeat 02:09
Saobab (Rebuild Millennium) Gray Wife Sad 02:04
Right Now (New Steam) Hight air Machine 02:24
Just to Sing (Rebuild Master) Spirotures 02:44
Plastic (Cut Main Radio) Chillout Night 02:27
Bloom Five (Restrict Bounce) Neuroborus 02:38
Love Again (Care Mix) Sangar 03:00
Impulsive Selfies (Millennium Edition) Alphaled 02:41

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