Album picture of Torn (Remasters Edition)

Torn (Remasters Edition)



Album Tracks

Broken Wings (Remastered) Evergrey 04:42
Soaked (Remastered) Evergrey 04:58
Fear (Remastered) Evergrey 04:15
When Kingdoms Fall (Remastered) Evergrey 05:32
In Confidence (Remastered) Evergrey 04:03
Fail (Remastered) Evergrey 04:50
Numb (Remastered) Evergrey 05:17
Torn (Remastered) Evergrey 04:43
Nothing Is Erased (Remastered) Evergrey 04:40
Still Walk Alone (Remastered) Evergrey 04:43
These Scars (Remastered) Evergrey 05:54
Caught in a Lie (Remastered) Evergrey 05:46
The Masterplan (Remastered, Live at Bang Your Head Festival 2007) Evergrey 08:03

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