Album picture of Landscapes, Real and Imagined: Chamber Works by Judith Bingham

Landscapes, Real and Imagined: Chamber Works by Judith Bingham

Chamber Domaine


Album Tracks

Fifty Shades of Green: I. Exotic Forest Chamber Domaine 06:27
Fifty Shades of Green: II. The Agave Chamber Domaine 02:14
Fifty Shades of Green: III. The Shadow and... Jaguar! Chamber Domaine 05:12
The Moon over Westminster Cathedral Stephen de Pledge 05:42
The Cathedral of Trees Yeree Suh 06:39
Chapman's Pool: I. Sombre, vague, con rubato Chamber Domaine 05:52
Chapman's Pool: II. Fossill Forest, Minuet and Trio Chamber Domaine 03:05
Chapman's Pool: III. Flying from Lulworth to Corfe Castle Chamber Domaine 03:19
Chapman's Pool: IV. Chapman's Pool and the Hale-Bopp Comet Chamber Domaine 05:55
The Shadow Side of Joy Finzi Chamber Domaine 08:58
The Lost Works of Paganini: L'Usignolo Thomas Kemp 04:14
The Mystery of Boranup Chamber Domaine 02:27
Shelley Dreams: I. Seeking for ghosts Chamber Domaine 01:19
Shelley Dreams: II. Paper boat building Chamber Domaine 01:07
Shelley Dreams: III. Bedtime stories Chamber Domaine 01:17
Shelley Dreams: IV. Lagoon scene, moonlight Chamber Domaine 01:42
Shelley Dreams: V. Fire balloons, laden with knowledge Chamber Domaine 01:02
See and keep silent Adrian Bradbury 10:01
My Father's Arms: I. Prelude - Amputation Chamber Domaine 04:12
My Father's Arms: II. My Father's Arms Chamber Domaine 05:01

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