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The Clamps


Album Tracks

LHS 1140b (Original Mix) The Clamps 05:29
Looking For Trouble (Original Mix) The Clamps, Nuklear MC 05:48
Mankind (Original Mix) The Clamps 06:33
Astronauts (Original Mix) The Clamps, Impak 05:33
Friends In The Hood (Original Mix) The Clamps, Snotrocket 04:15
30a #3a-23 Happiness (Original Mix) The Clamps 05:00
Fast Way (Original Mix) The Clamps, Merikan 04:35
Cattle Mutilation Syndrome (Original Mix) The Clamps 05:46
Time Pressure (Original Mix) The Clamps, Mizo 05:47
Medina (Original Mix) The Clamps 05:31

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