Album picture of A Night to Remember (Live) (Remasters Edition)

A Night to Remember (Live) (Remasters Edition)



Album Tracks

Intro (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 01:38
Blinded (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 04:45
End of Your Days (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 04:38
More Than Ever (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 05:17
She Speaks to the Dead (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 04:16
Rulers of the Mind (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 05:33
Blackened Dawn (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 04:04
Waking up Blind (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 04:05
As I Lie Here Bleeding (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 04:42
Misled (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 07:24
Mark of the Triangle (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 06:57
When the Walls Go Down (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 05:28
Harmless Wishes (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 04:38
The Essence of Conviction (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 06:07
Solitude Within (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 05:47
Nosferatu (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 05:41
Recreation Day (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 07:24
For Every Tear That Falls (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 05:22
A Touch of Blessing (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 07:18
The Masterplan (Live) (Remastered) Evergrey 11:07

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