Album picture of March 2009: Doubleplusungood

March 2009: Doubleplusungood

Rat Silo


Album Tracks

Oh, Fuck Off Tony Rat Silo 03:39
I Blame It On Your Momma Rat Silo 04:05
Everybody Loves Paul Wong Rat Silo 03:08
A Lion and a Zebra Walk Into a Bar Rat Silo 03:29
Hello Beautiful Girl Rat Silo 04:19
Lord Help Me Focus Tonight Rat Silo 04:11
Jiggle My Wiggle Rat Silo 05:25
Candy Let Your Hair Hang Down Rat Silo 03:59
Bite Me Rat Silo 05:51
Shiny Light Rat Silo 04:49

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