Album picture of The Language of My World

The Language of My World



Album Tracks

Intro Macklemore 00:50
White Privilege Macklemore 04:21
B-Boy Macklemore 02:46
Claiming the City Macklemore 04:28
Fake ID Macklemore 02:33
Hold Your Head Up Macklemore 04:23
Ego Macklemore 02:48
Inhale Deep Macklemore 02:49
Bush Song Macklemore 02:51
Good for You Macklemore 04:01
I Said Hey Macklemore 04:44
Penis Song Macklemore 03:33
The Magic Macklemore 04:22
City Don't Sleep Macklemore 03:30
Love Song Macklemore 04:23
Remember High School Macklemore 04:08
Contradiction Macklemore 04:28
Soldiers Macklemore 04:47
As Soon As I Wake Up Macklemore 03:46
My Language Macklemore 03:57

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