Album picture of Thanatos




Album Tracks

Sons of Eagle Carved 04:53
Octopus Carved, Claudio Coassin 04:04
Skal Carved, Simone Mularoni 04:04
Path Carved 00:50
Rain Servant Carved, Michele Guaitoli 03:23
Hagakure Carved 03:09
La ballata degli impiccati Carved, Roberto Tiranti 04:10
NeveroddoreveN Carved 01:14
The Time Traveller Carved, Marco Pastorino 06:43
Spider Carved 04:26
The Gulf Carved, Gabriele Gozzi 03:58
Come with Me Carved, Sara Squadrani 02:34
Elsie (An Afterlife Suite) Carved, Anna Giusto 07:17

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