Album picture of DJ-Kicks (Laurel Halo) (DJ Mix)

DJ-Kicks (Laurel Halo) (DJ Mix)

Laurel Halo


Album Tracks

Public Art (Mixed) Laurel Halo 01:08
Always Hate (Mixed) Stallone the Reducer 02:20
5 Min (Mixed) Red Axes, C.A.R. 02:09
Puro Rosaceaes (Mixed) Parris 02:07
Cricoid Pressure (Mixed) Rrose 02:49
Just Made Some Jazz Music (Mixed) Machine Woman 03:00
Ana (Mixed) WCC 02:03
Penny Rut (Mixed) FIT Siegel 01:40
Plastic PQ (Mixed) Yamaoka 02:35
Canto (Mixed) Siete Catorce 01:21

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