Album picture of Wikolia Music for DJS, Vol. 5 (Worldwide Edition)

Wikolia Music for DJS, Vol. 5 (Worldwide Edition)

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Zombie (Acapella) Jack Mazzoni, Paolo Noise, Ketty Passa 02:48
I Like Chopin (Chris River & Reat Kay Extended Remix) Paolo Ortelli, Lucy 03:39
Heart of Mine (Paolo Ortelli & Max Mylian Mix) Chris Willis, Paolo Ortelli, Marc Farouk 03:57
Everyday (Extended Version) TrendBeats 03:05
Raise Your Glass (Extended Version) Mark Dright 04:31
Stay There (Extended Version) DJ Jossi 04:03
Marilyn Monroe (Sheypol Vip Extended Remix) Sisters Cap 03:37
Darkest You (Extended Version) Sheypol 04:00
The Fight (Christian Tanz vs. Dn'm Remix) Jack Mazzoni 04:01
Molokai (Extended Version) Kato Jimenez, Jesus Sanchez 03:48

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