Album picture of Permission 2 Think Freely

Permission 2 Think Freely

Naru Kwina


Album Tracks

Grown Folks Business (Introduction) Naru Kwina, Dedoceo Habi 02:24
Image Naru Kwina 00:57
4 the People Naru Kwina, Philp Hennen 03:20
Go Crazy Naru Kwina, Johnny Slim 03:38
Didn't Leave My Woman At Home (Intro) Naru Kwina, Shawn Taylor 00:44
Didn't Leave My Woman At Home Naru Kwina, Sage 03:51
The Meaning of Life Naru Kwina 03:38
Satisfied Naru Kwina 03:21
Night Visions Naru Kwina 01:15
Life Aint About Money Naru Kwina, Philp Hennen 05:05
Grown Folks 2 Naru Kwina, Dedoceo Habi 01:42
House Party Naru Kwina, Shawn Taylor, Philp Hennen 04:15
Lady Naru Kwina, J Ran 04:40
Heads I Win Naru Kwina 03:36
What Kind of Man Am I Naru Kwina, J Ran 04:15
Grown Folks (Outro) Naru Kwina, Dedoceo Habi 03:00

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