Album picture of 40 Tours Around The Sun (Live)

40 Tours Around The Sun (Live)



Album Tracks

Intro Tape (Live) Toto 00:37
Alone (Live) Toto 04:33
Hold The Line (Live) Toto 04:00
Lovers In The Night (Live) Toto 05:16
Spanish Sea (Live) Toto 04:45
I Will Remember (Live) Toto 07:00
English Eyes (Live) Toto 07:19
Jake To The Bone (Live) Toto 08:05
Lea (Live) Toto 04:38
Rosanna (Live) Toto 08:17
Miss Sun (Live) Toto 03:45
Georgy Porgy (Live) Toto 02:05
Human Nature (Live) Toto 02:13
Holyanna (Live) Toto 01:49
No Love (Live) Toto 02:11
Mushanga (Live) Toto 03:24
Stop Loving You (Live) Toto 02:48
Girl Goodbye (Live) Toto 06:39
Angela (Live) Toto 05:23
Lion (Live) Toto 06:44

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