Album picture of All for Metal, Vol. 4

All for Metal, Vol. 4

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Revenge of the Bride Iron Savior 04:35
Skin and Bones Lyriel 04:02
Forbidden Tribe Nightmare 04:26
Fall of Dominion Helstar 06:36
Only One Commandment Iron Mask 03:47
Under Siege Human Fortress 04:18
Forgotten Symphony Epysode 06:47
Father Time Oliva 04:32
The Great Divide Lillian Axe 06:26
The Beast in Me Wolfpakk 04:34
Prophet of the End Crystal Viper 05:36
Lonely Fight Hibria 04:41
Saviour At Vance 03:38
New Messiah Fear Factory 04:30
The Depression Ill NiƱo 03:44
They Are Horror Truth Corroded 03:22
The Riff Lordi 03:44
Metal Machine U.D.O 04:46
Dear Friend 21 Octayne 04:28
Elvenlegions Elvenking 03:52

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