Album picture of Orpheus Lex

Orpheus Lex

Harold Rosenbaum


Album Tracks

Act I: Entrance (Narrator) Nathan Bahny 02:08
Act I: Red River Opening (Orpheus) Harold Rosenbaum 02:25
Act I: Orpheus stares at the river, hearing its sound (Narrator) Nathan Bahny 00:18
Act I: Sounds of the River (Chorus) Harold Rosenbaum 00:40
Act I: Sounds Interlude Harold Rosenbaum 00:45
Act I: Orpheus sees Eurydice emerge from the river (Narrator) Nathan Bahny 00:13
Act I: Hello (Orpheus) Harold Rosenbaum 02:06
Act I: Eurydice emerges from the water wearing a smock-like dress (Narrator) Nathan Bahny 00:13
Act I: Slow (Orpheus) Harold Rosenbaum 02:16
Act I: Slow Interlude Harold Rosenbaum 00:34
Act I: As Eurydice gets dry and puts on one of Orpheus' shirts (Narrator) Nathan Bahny 00:15
Act I: A Person Imagines (Eurydice) Wendy Baker 03:42
Act I: A Person Interlude Harold Rosenbaum 00:30
Act I: What might happen if Eurydice decides to change her looks? (Narrator) Nathan Bahny 00:12
Act I: Don't Look at My Hair (Eurydice, Orpheus, Chorus) Wendy Baker 00:38
Act I: Hair Interlude Harold Rosenbaum 00:35
Act I: Eurydice recalls her time in the underworld where she heard (Narrator) Nathan Bahny 00:10
Act I: Lists (Eurydice, Women's Chorus) Wendy Baker 02:36
Act I: Lists Interlude Harold Rosenbaum 00:57
Act I: Orpheus thinks back fondly about the time when he was a boy (Narrator) Nathan Bahny 00:11

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