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Basil Babychan MANAGER | MUSICIAN | BELIEVER A corporate manager and a passionate musician with a mission to nurture and develop that special gift, which only You have. As an Artist, I do that with short melodic messages to empower present day Warriors, Survivors and Winners - as they continue to ignite the Human Spirit. |+| i am a broad-base consumer of music. Classical to EDM and everything in between & i find Remakes / Remixes fascinating. |+| i remain an avid admirer of (and draw influences from) Brahms, Hans Zimmer, Sting, Yanni, Avicii, SHM, A.R Rahman, Zakir Hussain and the Backstreet Boys. With aspirations facilitated by my interest in and passion for, the power of music, I decided to take the plunge and bring out my original works in July 2020 with my single Shadows Dance . My album Accidentally Incorporated, a collection of NeoClassical and Symphonic tracks that released in November 2020, is an attempt to present Melodic Messages that Heal the Soul & Empower the Mind Transient, my single released in July 2021, is a NeoClassical composition that is predominantly orchestrated with Piano, Strings and Synths. It attempts to interpret the transitionary state of existence we are in - in the real world and in the meta physical - and facilitates a melodic reflection of our actions and inactions in this context. Keep that ? burning, Basil