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Jalu Kaba X is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, with metal-inspired beats, rock influences, eclectic samples, sample loop-based music, and traditional songwriting in his music. Jalu was born in Garut, and raised there and in Tangerang, Indonesia (one of the most beautiful countries in Asia). Jalu Kaba X grew up listening to Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Megadeth, Kreator, Cradle of Filth, Cacophony, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Yani, Kitaro, Yngwie Malmsteen, Indonesian traditional music, and other styles of all music. He taught himself how to play guitar, bass, piano, drum, use the midi controller, among others. After teaching himself music and songwriting, Jalu Kaba X began creating music in Tangerang, while collaborating with his friends - Santer and Jati (Ismaya Band), Zean and Reksa (Sanekala Band), Toni, Armand, Wanto, and Budi (Cake and Trust Band), Amay, Aris, and Medi (Kawi Band), in a rented music studio. Some of his notable songs are "Sang Ratu,"' "Meraga Sukma", and "Kulminasi Aku". His official debut single, "Let Me Introduce Myself" arrived in 2020. Jalu Kaba X has currently released five albums:"Multiverse of the Sounds: Air", "Multiverse of the Sounds: Earth", "Sangkan Paraning Dumadi (Indonesian Language Album)", "Spiritual Injection" and "Travel to the Other Dimensions". Two EPs and many singles... and now working on further music projects...