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Kenza Lalla and Alexis Lustenberger are the leaders of the project Celestial Burst that recently have released their first EP called The Maze. Alexis Lustenberger is a French IT engineer who has been playing the guitar since almost 16 years. He started the project called Celestial Burst in 2012. 8 Years after, the first EP The Maze is being recorded in Hesat Recordings studio that is a french studio based in Bordeaux. His main influences are King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Opeth, Steven Wilson, Ayreon, Genesis, Arena, … Kenza Laala is a French actress living in Lyon. Her first musical experience in 2007, she shared it in high school in the same band as Alexis Lustenberger as a singer. In 2015, after her theatrical studies at the Conservatory of Caen where she tackled lyrical singing, she entered the National School of Arts and Techniques of Theater in Lyon (ENSATT) where she continued to work on singing through the prism of interpretation. In 2020, she accepts Alexis Lustenberger’s proposal to join the Celestial Burst project. She then participated in the writing of the texts and recorded in July 2020 the EP The Maze in Bordeaux. Her main influences: A Perfect Circle, Audioslave, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rammstein, Eivor, Skald, Wardruna …