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Anderson, of a Painter is the solo recording and performing persona of singer-songwriter guitarist Mike Davies (also of the duo Jumbotown ). The work of Anderson, of a Painter sparks from various literature and musical inspirations, and comes through in the form of contemporary lyrical folk and sometimes quirky acoustic guitar-based songs. The inaugural single Green Light (September 2020) was followed by the associated album As Far As the Eye Could See. The album was retrospective in that it is a collection of songs written circa 2004 but was a good indicator of more to come, including in 2020. '2020 was the year of the protest song. Well, it should have been. Well, it was for Anderson, of a Painter', said Mike. The album Telling Myself It's Individuals, Not Humankind was released in November 2020 consisting entirely of songs composed earlier that year. The album was stimulated and is bookended by Australian context but has global themes throughout, including a portrayal of the global coronavirus pandemic in the mid-section. This includes the light-hearted single Making the Most of Lockdown released in October 2020. In December 2020, the single An Algorithm Said was released, followed in January 2021 by the third album The Legacy Fallacy. Full picture at the website ; contact welcome via BandCamp at