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Since the beginning of his career as a composer, Nicolas Dubut has worked on a good number of films whose styles are very varied from each other. Although authentic, the unifying voice of his work is a subtle rhythmic melody whose themes embody the excitement, adventure and drama of his films. Born in Saint Germain en Laye, in the Yvelines, Nicolas initially had the ambition to become a rock guitarist. After a few years at the Chatou conservatory for a classical training, he was struck by the melodies and arrangements of music in the cinema. At 28, armed with determination, he composed the music for the film "Anrtefacts" by Patrick O'blin in 2010, a decisive meeting in his career. In 2015, he composed the music for the advertising campaign "SeptemberIsComing" for the brand "Clairefontaine" directed by Damien D. Richard, graduate of the MCLB school of Luc Besson, it is the same year that Nicolas made another crucial meeting with director Rémi Hoffmann. His film "Les Seigneurs d'Outre Monde" released in 2016, selected and reached the semifinals of CineFest in Los Angeles in 2017, was the first feature film by the composer (alongside Guy-Roger Duvert) and the director, which became the basis of a collaboration between the filmmaker and him which continues today. For example through the composition of the music for the video game currently in preparation, which stems from the film. Their collaborations have also led them through numerous advertising projects such as the "Geek's Live" trade shows, the "Geekopolis" festivals 2015, the ManoMano brand, or the "Roleplay" television shows, borrowing different musical styles. Another very important meeting for Nicolas is the one with the director and choreographer Benoît Lelièvre - who led her to sign, in 2017, the music for his first documentary film, directed by Lina Murad, "Chez Moi sans Toit" . A moving film on a very delicate subject, because it deals with the daily life of Syrian children living in the “Zaatari” camp in Jordan. The film received the Special Jury Prize at the Jerusalem International Film Festival in Gaza in 2019. He then signed the music for Chinese artist YaPing Fan's art film, "From The Time Of The Dolls ... To The Time Of The Giants" directed by Benoît Lelièvre. Film presented during numerous exhibitions of the artist around the world. The same year, he wrote the music for his first animated film "Lillandril" directed by Margaux Tamic, a project of the prestigious Pôle 3D school. The film is selected in more than fifteen festivals around the world. In 2018, he collaborated with Sophie Attelann for the film "Hikikomori" scheduled for 2019. He is also working on his first play "Apocalypse", written by Claude Granier, directed by Bernard Belin and Michel Fau and directed by Rémi Hoffmann . In the meantime he composed the soundtracks for two short films, “Like-Moi 2.0” by Gody and “Super Cité” by Tarik Laghdiri and Sebastien Baccala. In 2019, he met Dana Mussa, dancer, choreographer, director and finalist of “France has an Incredible Talent 2018” for the film “Kieli Bi (sacred dance)” which she directed with Alexander Murphy. The film is selected at the first Kazakhstan film festival in Paris and awarded. In the process, with the dance troupe Ethno Ballet of Dana Mussa, he composed the music for the show “Balbals”. Also in 2019, he signed a contract for the film “Machine Mentale” directed by Rémi Hoffmann and produced by L’étrange Lucarne, which is scheduled for release in 2020. He will also sign the soundtrack of the first feature film L'Enfant des Terres Déchirées by Benoît Lelièvre, produced by Ciné-Science and Alter Ego Production scheduled for the end of 2020. As well as the soundtrack of the TV series “El Dorado” produced by ADN Films Productions scheduled for 2021 ...