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Hell Of A Ride Deadly Guns, Tha Watcher, Carola 04:11
We Always Rise Dither, Deadly Guns, Warface 04:17
Power Of Truth Deadly Guns, Rebelión, Sovereign King 03:54
Playing With Fire Dither & Deadly Guns, Dither, Deadly Guns 03:38
Ignition Spitnoise, Deadly Guns 03:57
Rip It Open Deadly Guns, Ncrypta 03:43
Misery Rebelión, Deadly Guns 03:27
Burn MF N-Vitral, Deadly Guns 03:03
Victorious Deadly Guns, Requiem, Carola 03:32
Invincible Deadly Guns, E-force 04:18

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