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Rafael CaƱete Richardson (rafaricho) is an English Pianist, Guitarist, and Singer-songwriter. At just four years of age, he was immersed in music, receiving piano lessons to slowly start the development of his creativity. Continuing to follow his heart and love of music, he began to play guitar in 2018, and being completely self taught, is a real credit to his undeniable ability as a musician. Being of both Asian and British heritage, the artist is proud to embrace his mothers Filipino culture. Currently based in his hometown of Doncaster, England, he is continuing on his unique journey of self musical discovery. Rafael takes inspiration from the likes of many different musical styles and genres. He states that he tries to make sure his music doesn't just follow the trends of the moment and alternatively he creates music that is truly original, so far ranging from a wide variety of genres including, Indie Pop, Country Pop and Alternative Music.