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Already at a young age Dakotah felt a strange tug on her heart asking for adventure. Back then she was still answering to the name Sarah Huber, was born in Mitchell, South Dakota, and stranded in the Midwest in America. The tug on her heart became stronger and at 18 years old she followed it to the East Coast. At this time she started playing guitar and writing her own songs and so a passion was born. Over the years Dakotah honed her vocal skills as well as her ear for melodies and compositions and began working toward a career as a musician. In 2010 she moved farther east to Switzerland, where she lives today with her husband and daughter. In 2019 she began recording her debut album, which is set for release in early 2021 and showcases musical works spanning from pop to rock. Her melodies are catchy, but her texts are socially critical and motivate the listener to reflect on deeper topics such as loss, personal growth, and the courage to show even the darker sides of ourselves. The tug on her heart never left and is still present in her music.