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Natural Flavors is an Indie Rock band from Tempe, Arizona. Inspired by the chill vibes of the hot Sonoran desert, the group has set on a mission to make music that is as raw and natural as possible. Our music is entirely created and produced by us — five friends who met in university music school. In other words, our music is 100% GMO free. 
 We all have a similar story — playing music with garage bands growing up, then going on to study music in university. All five members bring unique expertise to the band: spanning topics from orchestral arranging to engineering, linguistics and everything in between. We are a group of lifelong aspiring rock stars making our dreams into a reality. 
 Our debut album, In Bloom, is a collection of 14 songs that we have written through the last few years. It perfectly reflects our growth as a band, showing our musical evolution as we continue to evolve as people.