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The Buzzards of Fuzz

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The Buzzards of Fuzz are complex. On the surface, the band is a three, sometimes four-piece alt-rock outfit. But in flight? They are a force, the extension of an ancient hive-mind sworn to maintain the low hum that keeps our universe suspended in celestial Jell-O. In mythology, buzzards represent the power to consume death and create life, associated with the idea of rebirth and reincarnation. In many cultures, buzzards have magical powers and are occasionally even worshipped as gods. They are a paradoxical symbol of darkness, mystery, and wisdom. It is this dichotomy of prowess and absurdity that guides the band. They are well-read party animals, as thoughtful as they are insane, as funny as they are serious. They are kind but also dangerous. The Buzzards of Fuzz are messengers between life and death, the physical and the spiritual world—Fuzz Guardians.