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Young brothers give a new identity to pop gospel and say they came The brothers Pablo (drums and guitar), Paola (guitar and vocals), Patrick (keyboard and vocals) and Petterson (drums and guitar) were born in São Paulo, and today live in London, England. And today, with the support of the parents, the dream of God was creating life in the hearts of the four brothers, giving rise to the project “Opposite Way”. Although they were young, they realized that something bigger was needed to fulfill this call, because God was proposing to influence generations: “We were challenged by the Lord for a very great purpose and we have the right dimension of our responsibility; thus, we are dedicated to learning both music and, above all, the Word of God ”. Four brothers, singers and musicians who have a young proposal, a “new face”. The seriousness of the group gives professionalism to the work, which exudes the anointing of God in each person's life. And together, they leave a message for everyone: “We are Opposite Way; you can be too! Come with us!"