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Hermit's Maze

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Hermit's Maze is an instrumental progressive metal band, whose songs immerse the listener into a maze of emotions. Based mainly in progressive and experimental metal, the riffs tries to wake up different feelings as the songs goes by. “...It all comes together so incredibly well such that it feels immensely fresh while sounding familiar in all the right amounts to enable Hermit’s Maze to just bring their talent to the mix in order to make this album one hell of a trip...” Head-Banger Reviews “...It is impossible to point out any individual tracks that stand out, as they are all impressive, dynamic and colorful compositions each on their own. Every instrument sounds clean and bright in the mix, and despite the fact that there are many layers of ambience and samples going on all at once, nothing ever falls out of balance...” Subterranean Noise “Riffs machacantes con identidad propia, baterías contundentes e impiadosas, bajos filosos cual hachas vikingas, solos de guitarra con sonido propio y colchones de teclado que son puestos al servicio de las composiciones, concatenadas en una coherencia compositiva de producción y climas muy logrados que te llevarán a los lugares más impensados de la imaginación.” Juglar Comunicaciones “HERMIT’S MAZE has some really good potential to offer in the genre and do serve as a great progressive metal band.” Metal Temple