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Hello people of the world! I'm James and I make the music of ITSNOTU.ME. I'm a songwriter, singer, amateur photo artist and videographer. What you hear in my catalogue represents a journey from knowing nothing about music, to creating my own with a brilliant team. I started on Youtube in 2008. I didn't know anything and Youtube was very new. I couldn't play guitar, but I tried. I couldn't sing very well, but I tried. My videos were basic and sometimes silly, but I kept trying. Over the years I've written and performed many songs and you can see some of those on my youtube channel. I've had the pleasure and excitement of performing in a band called "The Big East". We put out a couple of albums and the last was called "Hungry Ghosts". Since then I've been working with a loose team of smart people that creates ITSNOTU.ME. Together we work towards coming up with some truly awesome songs. If you have any questions or just want to say Hi! Send me a message. Youtube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: James