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I was born in Portland, Oregon. My family moved to the little town of Boring, Oregon when I was 10 years old. My family was loving but religious (American Baptist). I was gay, but I didn't understand that. I didn't comprehend what was happening inside me, and I certainly didn't fit in at school. I fled to the US Navy at 18 years of age. I became a successful alcoholic and smoker. I fell in love for the first time at age 21 (the day I discovered I was gay). That was with another sailor in Guam. I came home and decided to go to college. I commuted daily to school on a train crossing the river into downtown Portland. And I found that I was very happy to have returned to the place I was from. That's the origin story for my song. It's my one and only foray into songwriting. I'm now 60 years old and happy to be me.