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Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore also established himself as an influential solo performer and an energetic champion of do-it-yourself music with his own label, Ecstatic Peace. From Coral Gables, Florida he moved with his family to Connecticut and was heavily influenced by seeing Patti Smith and Wiliam Burroughs play in New York. He joined punk band Even Worse and learned experimental techniques in Glenn Branca's guitar orchestras. He played with The Coachmen and, with his then girlfriend and future wife Kim Gordon, teamed up with Anne Demarinis and Dave Kearns in the band that became Sonic Youth.

They were joined by Lee Renaldo, experimenting with guitar tunings, which in time had a significant influence on the alternative rock scene. Moore's split with Gordon in 2011 also precipitated his departure from Sonic Youth, though he continued to work independently of the band and released solo albums 'Psychic Hearts', 'Trees Outside the Academy', 'Demolished Thoughts', 'The Best Day' and 'Rock'n'Roll Consciousness', featuring My Bloody Valentine guitarist Deb Googe.

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