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Les Montargis Saycet 01:57
Smiles from Thessaloniki Saycet 08:20
Easy Saycet 03:48
Messa Solaris Saycet 05:20
Opening Saycet 02:22
Kien Lang Saycet 04:05
15 Saycet 03:10
Albert Saycet 02:12
Clans Saycet 02:58
Solaris Saycet 05:37

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At first glance, Saycet's journey may seem peculiar. In reality, it is extremely fluid, as if guided by an external force pushing towards the logical fulfillment of his destiny as a musician, composer and producer. A backward evolution away from our current era, which churns out artists non-stop –a path that has made Pierre Lefeuvre –the brain behind the project for the last 15 years –a figurehead in the French electronic music landscape.When he released his first album, 2005’s One Day At Home, he built upon a genre that had fallen into relative disinterest: deliberately melancholy, errant electronic music, made somewhat more accessible by pop melodies and inventive, experimental beatmaking. An outsider by nature, he was nonetheless spotted by some influential media outlets,finding an international fan base that would remain faithful to him through the years.With time, his creative work became more refined,and his influences mergedinto a highly personal approach that succeededin linking a certain tradition of cerebral music with an opening to a wider audience. 2010’s Through The Windowand 2015’s Miragecontinued the project’s evolution towards a more timeless sound that shone through its arrangement work and an asserted versatility. Tours of Asiaand collaborations (with Juliette Armanet and Yan Wagneramong other)helped Saycet growfurther (yet still outside of the mainstream’s radar,)nonetheless finding his niche on the international musicmap. His approach to live performances cemented his place as an innovator, always in search of new aesthetic grounds, with stage shows thatimplementedvideoprojection as a source of lightingrather than as mere visual illustration, creating a truly immersive experiencein the process. Somewhat accidentally, Lefeuvre opened the doorsto composing via images–alogical, uncalculated continuation for this production artisan,whose composition work is nourished by visual art and cinematic culture. He created his first score –for the 2019 feature Un Vrai Bonhomme–and thus started making headways into the circle of pop music composers who work with filmmakers.He also composed all of the music for La Révolution, a French series produced by Netflix (to debut in the fall of 2020,)as well as a soundtrack(split with Laurent Garnier)for the Canal + documentary Bastard Lion.An ideal preamble for a fourth album recorded in his brand-new Parisian studio, which promises to be his most accomplished work. Wavering between melodic piano pieces and powerful club tracks, the album will feature the two complementary energies that inform the unique artist'swork