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Gasellit are a Finnish hip-hop act formed in 2008 by rappers Miikka Niiranen (who goes by the name Háta-Miikka), Pekka Salminen (Päkä) and Tuomas Pietikäinen (Thube Hefner) with DJ Jusa Mikkonen (Musajusa).

They have released many music videos, a self-titled 2010 EP and albums such as 'Kittämätön' (2012), 'Aina' (2013), 'Seis' (2015), 'Veli' (2017) and 'Jano' (2018). The single 'Suojaus Pettu' came out in May 2019. Their 2019 schedule was to include appearances at Kesärauha Music Festival 2019, Aitoon kirkastusjuhlat 2019 and Flow Festival 2019 in Finland.

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