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Gasellit are a Finnish hip-hop act formed in 2008 in Helsinki by rappers Miikka Niiranen (who goes by the name Háta-Miikka), Pekka Salminen (Päkä) and Tuomas Pietikäinen (Thube Hefner) with DJ Jusa Mikkonen (MusaJusa). They have released many music videos, a self-titled 2010 EP and albums such as Kittämätön (2012), Aina (2013), Seis (2015), and Veli (2017), which debuted at Number 3 on the Finnish charts. A fifth album titled Jano arrived in 2018 and was followed by the standalone single “Suojaus Pettu” in May 2019. Preceded by the 2020 singles “Kutsu,” “Kuvittele meidät siellä,” and “Disko,” their six full-length Zen came out in 2021 and earned them their first Number 1 hit with the song “Me ei mennä rikki,” featuring rapper Karri Koira.