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Regueton Mix 2021 Dj Mix Vol 6 #Raw #Anuel #Yandel #Farru #Yanke DJ Mix 33:33
Bobaraba Elloh dj, DJ Mix 03:41
Mainroom & Trance Mix (Full Continuous DJ Mix) DJ Mix 59:33
Hard Dance Megamix By the Real Booty Babes DJ Mix 66:27
Verano Total 2015 Megamix DJ Mix, Dj Sammer 10:32


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The record label (“BEST PRO”) highlights the artist DJ Mix on digital platforms around the world with the aim of showing the talent and brilliant ideas that the artist has, DJ Mix is a musician and producer with innovative ideas since his childhood. In 2000, he began to dance, even becoming part of a dance group. Even so, the passion for music spoke louder, in 2020 he decided to team up with some artists who were already successful in his country, so he teamed up with the artist Nagrelha Dos Lambas to make his first world release that is on all digital platforms with the title La Vida Es una Fiesta in the genre (“Reggaeton”), he had another connection with the artist Godzila do Game where the idea of releasing another single to liven up his country was born because of the popularity that the style loads, the single is also available on all digital platforms with the title Ta Beber Ta Dançar in the genre (“Afro House”), with these artists, DJ Mix had the result he expected. That is, composite DJ Mix, produces the beat and invites the artist who wants to join for the genre that your guest fits best, DJ Mix aims to illuminate several artists who are anonymous and bring new trends to the world