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Chemical Whore Hypocrisy 05:19
Dead World Hypocrisy 04:09
Paradox Hypocrisy 04:32
When the Candle Fades Hypocrisy 05:31
Carved Up Hypocrisy 03:29
Point of No Return Hypocrisy 03:56
Abducted Hypocrisy 02:50
Buried Hypocrisy 03:11
The Arrival of the Demons, Pt. 2 Hypocrisy 03:19
Roswell 47 Hypocrisy 03:56

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WORSHIP, Hypocrisy’s new long-expected album is out on November 26, 2021. After 8 years of silence, the band is ready to present new songs to the public, starting with the new single “Chemical Whore” which is out now! Hypocrisy has a 30-year history with 12 albums, hundreds of gigs, and thousands of fans. This influential Swedish death metal band started from the will of one person, and this person’s name was (and is) Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, The Abyss, PAIN, ex-Lindemann). Having made the first demos all by himself, after getting an offer from Nuclear Blast, he invited musicians to form an actual band. Since then, Hypocrisy gained success with its records and rocking live performances, evolving musically and conceptually. Heavy and rich sound with melodic riffs, crushing drum fills, obscure lyrics and versatile vocal parts became a signature style of the band. Its discography from debut ‘Penetralia’ to the newest 'Worship’, through such legendary albums as ‘The Fourth Dimension’, ‘Abducted’, and ‘Virus’, is indeed a thrilling metal journey. A journey that continues. Today, apart from Peter, the band consists of Mikael Hedlund (bass), who joined Hypocrisy back in 1991, drummer Reidar ‘Horgh’ Horghagen (since 2004). Guitarist Thomas Elofsson is a session member since 2013. Don’t let the name ‘Hypocrisy’ trick you: Peter Tägtgren stays true to himself, to the music and the fans, never stops creating, and never settles for less than perfect.