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THE ARTIST ​ Christophe Madrolle was born on March 24, 1988 in a rural region of central France. « I started my career at 15 in a rock opera. I sang the lead role in the musical "Toute la vie en parle". » ​ « My parents had no money to pay for me to go to an artistic school », he said. At 18, he moved to Tours. He entered jazz school and sang in several gospel groups for two years. Through various encounters, he developed his musical world: a striking and enigmatic universe. ​ Shortly after, Christophe tried his luck in Paris « on a whim, without money... I made my first songs and I produced my first album: "GRAFITURES" was released in 2009 ». Intimate and melodious, "Grafitures" has known a honorable success. ​ « Artistically, rich voices and characters taught me to mix styles and find incredible diversity. With today's music, it’s possible to compose a song mixing influences: jazz, pop and, why not, lyrical. I like to mix styles as a painter mixes colors. It's great to retouch one's style with other talents. This will enrich your world with greater openness. » ​ His second album "LE POINT G" was released in 2012. A sensible and provocative work. In this album, Christophe likes to show doubt about his preferences and references. « I've always tried to push the limits and boundaries a little further, step by step, to get more freedom to defend universal love and pansexuality. » ​ 2016 was a busy year. Christophe Madrolle launched his first album in English "WE ARE THE LOVE". A first single was released on 24 April. « All original songs! », the singer declares. « After the electroacoustic experience of my last album "Le Point G", I turned to a pop-rock instrumentation with this album in English, my first "studio" album... » ​ Self-taught, enigmatic, uninhibited and committed are several qualifiers to describe Christophe Madrolle. « I am extrovert in my creations, but very modest in private; I'm OK with this paradox... I want people to know me with my heart and my feelings. I want to give people the desire to express their emotions and human values », this young singer-songwriter says. ​ He hopes to climb the ladder of fame to defend causes that are dear to him. « Thanks to the LGBT Quebec Fugues magazine, I had my first international press. But I always had in mind to share my values and how other LGBT communities live. This English album, "We Are The Love", allow me to join them and support them... » The work accomplished was rewarded by the Parisian community. Thus, Christophe was given the opportunity to open the second edition of the LGBT Cultures Festival on January 27, 2017, with the polyphonic band, Originals, he also collaborated with in his last album. The following year, the Paris-ÎDF LGBT center, which organized the festival, invited him for the 25th anniversary of the association. Christophe gave a concert with several artists from the LGBT community and performed in the townhall of the 12th arrondissement in Paris in front of numerous figures from the political and association spheres. A few months later, the artist agreed to support the second Marche des Diversités (pride) of the Berry region, which took place in Châteauroux for the first time. A concert was given outdoors at the end of the march. ​ ​ HIS ENGAGEMENT ​ Christophe Madrolle is involved in the LGBT community. According to the Belgian media 7sur7, Christophe is one of the first French artists to claim his pansexuality (Nouvel Obs / Rue 89, 14-02-12). « I have few ties to the concept of "gender". Pansexuality is to love a person who loves all kinds: men, women and transgender people », he explains. ​ « It's a personal philosophy that fights man/woman conditioning and multiple distinc- tions based on gender. It’s a lifestyle that gives us the freedom to love anyone remo- ving this barrier imposed on us. » ​ Today, Christophe Madrolle is a committed artist who supports the fight against discrimination and equal rights regardless of sexual orientation. In this sense, he composed the song of the association Le Refuge, "Grandir en paix", in 2015. Le Refuge is an association that provides assistance to young victims of LGBTphobia. ​ It welcomes and accompanies, sometimes provides shelter to youth expelled from their homes because of their sexuality. « I wanted to give voice to young people by allowing them to express themselves through the text of a song written in their own words. In "Grandir en paix", it is the young LGBT from Le Refuge who tell their stories. I only composed music... » ​ Directed with Lucas Stoll, the music video of "Grandir en paix" was viewed more than 10,000 times in a few weeks, supported in particular on social networks by the star singer Line Renaud. This song is available by legal download, and all income is donated to Le Refuge. ​ « My commitment to the LGBT community is also in my videos where I try to trivialize sexuality. This is what I wanted to do in my last clip "L’erreur", shot with the artist Tonya Loren, one of the transsexual singers of Sister Queen group in 2014. » ​ Currently, Christophe is working on a video collection of testimony of victims of LGBTphobia. He also created the association Coming Alive to allow the people attacked to express themselves. In 2016, Christope was invited by the association Bi'Cause to perform at a concert organized againt LGBTphobia, during the IDABLHOT international day. A few weeks later, he was elected member of the board of directors of the association and participated in the writing of the Manifesto of Bisexual and Pansexual People that was released on December 12, 2017. The same year, he founded the association Coming Alive to collect testimonies of victims of LGBTphobia. The project, which was supported by the actor Maxime Godart (Le Petit Nicolas, Les meilleurs amis du monde) was praised by the public on the internet and was awarded the Reader's Prize of Têtu and Garçon Magazine during the "Initiatives against homophobia and transphobia" organized by Le Refuge and the Randstat Institute. Christophe then directed the video "Young and" in which Maxime played the part of a young gay man who has no other choice but to resort to prostitution.