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Edgy Ethno-Funk, invigorating Csángó Boogie and in-your-face folk'n'roll made Kerekes Band one of the biggest names in Hungarian world music. His set of flutes loaded to the brim with a suitcase full of effects, Zsombor Feher plays like a csángó gone berserk in a Bronx funkparty who grew up on Jimi Hendrix' fiercest beats on the mountaintops of Gyimes. Csaba Námor's mastery of the koboz promptly delivers a swift roundhouse kick to the face with every riff while viola virtuoso Ákos Csarnó adds the energy and soul of an otherworldly happiness which moves the bodies of the audience through time and space.The backbone of the group is the two hardest working men in folk-business, the Department of Cadence: Csaba Kónya with the bass guitar and Viktor Fehér behind the drums.