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As an artist and music producer, I make sure that the reason why I do what I do is never superficial. DÖN'T DÖ IT FÖR THE FAME is meant to serve as a reminder and a message to my fans that my music is "music" My first album as an amateur recording artist and producer was Look!. It recounts a selected number of stories and events that took place during my time abroad in Lyon, France 2018. Throughout the album there is dialogue between me and a couple friends talking it all out. Have a listen why don't ya. Stephon T. Smith. Born in Georgia, USA. Raised in Baltimore, MD, USA. "Överkast Productions a music production company from Baltimore, Maryland started by Stephon T. Smith, also known as Överkast. This production company was design to be a home for the casual artist or musician who needs the business acumen to take their work to the next level."