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East Berliner Toni Mudrack was studying at Keil University when he became active in the thriving Hamburg music scene. After hawking his mixtapes around various labels he was eventually offered a deal by Stuttgart-based hip-hop producers Chimperator Productions. Wisely deciding to adopt a more rap-orientated stage name, Mudrack's first studio album Glücksrezepte was released under his new persona, Teesy. A tour of Germany followed, showcasing Mudrack's talents alongside other artists such as fellow Teutonic rapper Cro and the UK's Plan B. Teesy's debut record reached number 34 in the German Charts and the album's success prompted the good people of the Saxony-Anhalt region to vote his song Klein Rosen (No Roses) into third place in the regional heats for the German Bundevision Song Contest. Klein Rosen subsequently went on to reach number 66 in the German Charts. In 2016 Teesy's follow-up album Wünschdirwas charted at number seven, testimony to his ability to cross genres and appeal to a wide audience.

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