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Teflon Brothers are a hip-hop group formed in Finland in 2006 by rappers Mikko Kuoppala, aka Pyhimys, Heikki Kuula and Jani Tuohimaa, aka Voli. They have had several tracks on the Finland Singles Chart including 'Seksikkäin Jäbä' (2014) featuring Stig and Meiju Suvas, 'Maradona (Kesa '86)' (2014), ''Pämppää' (2015) featuring Sahamies, 'Hubba Hubba' (2016) featuring Ressu Redford and Heavyweight, 'Manteli' (2017) with Spekti and Petri Nygärd and their 2019 release 'Harmaa Rinne'. Their albums include 'T' (2009), '+' (2010), 'Valkoisten Dyynien Ratsastajat' (2013), which peaked at number six on the Finland Albums Chart, 'Isänpäivä' (2014) and 'Circus' (2017), which went to number four on the Finland Albums Chart. Their 2019 schedule included appearances in New York City and Aitoo, Finland.

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